ZelfstandigenBouw Data driven video campaign
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We all know how challenging working as an entrepreneur (ZZP’er) can be, especially when you’re in the construction business. Zelfstandigen Bouw is a Dutch company that offers a variety of accident insurance and support for construction workers, all easily accessible on their website www.zelfstandigenbouw.nl


ZB approached Pride PR and Refreshworks with the task of promoting their Starters kit and encouraging ZZP’ers to sign up for it through a data-driven campaign. The strategy was focused on the activation part of the funnel. Our approach was to create two videos that tackle the two main challenges that self-starters face in the construction business. The hypotheses we narrowed down were as follows: Is our target audience really concerned about all the paperwork and getting new clients? Is our target audience interested in purchasing a starter’s kit with all the information and templates they need?

1. Research & Strategy
2. Data driven target audience
3. Content Production
4. Distribution
5. Landingspage & mailing

content production

Our strategy and creative teams worked together to come up with a storyline that is both entertaining and relevant. The two key insights we chose to highlight pointed out the challenges of being a ZZP’er: dealing with the admin work and attracting new clients. We dialed up the humor factor, and our concepts and storyboards were ready to come to life! To control the variables, we made sure to use one main actor in both videos. Casting was critical since our hero actor played a big role in winning the viewer’s attention. After multiple takes of broken glass (well – not really) and piles and piles of letters, we could say it’s a wrap!


The videos were launched on Facebook and Instagram to drive traffic to a customized landing page where they can sign up for their starters’ kit and proceed to checkout information about the types of insurance and how it would help them. Our web developers created a smooth check-out experience in a two-step landing page. We ran the videos in two-phases, which got us more than 2,500 landing page visitors and the rest was up to the Marketing team!

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