Twill Experiment loop
general strategy

experiment loop

Twill-logistics is an initiative of Damco/Maersk that focuses on simplifying international freight transport. This innovative platform for freight forwarders was built on a great foundation and pushed the boundaries of what digital can do for this industry. Twill came to us with a mission: to help them set up a fresh digital appearance that can stand out in a sea of conservative competitors. We called it a disciplined disruption.

content production

Because Twill’s dashboard is a unique addition to the freight transport industry, it was important to explain this new concept as simply as possible. We created an extensive product video that combines familiar video footage with an animation of the dashboard. Human, simple, clear. And followed it with social media content such as explainer videos, clear icons and images to show the innovate culture. To emphasize the human power behind this innovative platform, we chose to show all 20 Twillers on the website, so a photoshoot was in order.

website revamp

Twill had two objectives; explain their new freight solution in a simple way and boost customer acquisition. The logistics industry was heavily human-focused, and it was important for us to preserve that, so we set off to understand users’ behavior online.


With our data-driven tools we gathered over 10.000 data points and cooked up a whole new user experience. We opted for the use of video headers and interactive elements, as well as quiet colors and clean lines, and populated the website with new, fresh content! But a good website must be easy to find, so we also focused on optimizing Twill’s on- and off-page SEO. By cleverly deploying the right keywords and a vigorous backlink strategy. Eventually increasing the lead generating with 457% in just 4 months.

advertising optimization

After setting up the digital base, we focused on attracting website visitors through optimized advertising. Our strategy was comprehensive, and we used A/B and multivariate testing on all the key social platforms namely LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, as well as search engine ads via Adwords. Launching multiple data-driven campaigns to learn which audiences, channels and pieces of content got the best ROI’s.