Video Production
Overview project

In the current digital revolution, it is a fact that some companies still use outdated systems and software. Second Company is a software development company that helps companies make the leap into digitization. The client came to us with a brief to create a corporate video that can really shake things and symbolize their role in this transformation. They are true believers that to instill change in your organization, you just have to do it. Our approach was to bring to life the classic dinosaur metaphor! The dinosaur is a symbol of outdated IT architects who refuse to make the leap. And Second Company, well, it’s the meteor that wipes those dinos out.


To bring the dino alive we watched movies, clips and went back to the books to study the autonomy of a small T-Rex. The next challenge was creating the creature with 3D animation and make sure that its texture, size and shape is as they should be. The next step was to integrate the dino in the scenes we filmed and make it look as realistic as possible. This means the light had to be adjusted, shadows to be re-created, and most importantly, the actors needed to interact with it. With a cast of 12, blood, sweat and tears shed by our animation team the dino was alive and grunting at our screens.

3D modelling

Scouting the perfect office location which could “fit” a dinosaur was a fun challenge. When we accomplished that we trained the actors to visualize that the dino was truly a normal part of the office. With clear instructions of our AV team and our RED camera it couldn’t have gone any better!


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