Project overview

Dynacoat is a global vehicle refinish brand by AkzoNobel, one that has been in the global market for many years. The brand has multiple product lines, from basecoats to clearcoats, thinners and primers, among others. Refreshworks was happy to participate in a pitch for the global rebranding of Dynacoat, a task that was both challenging and highly rewarding! The brief was to reflect Dynacoat as a dynamic brand, one that mirrors and extends from AkzoNobel’s technological leadership and passion for colors. Having developed a strong relationship with its customers, it was time to mirror the brand’s human side and bring forward the reliability factor that this brand has been providing body shops and distributors alike. So how did we do it?

Logo development

Creative Strategy

It was crucial for us to reinforce the vibrant yellow and trusted blue colors of the brand, so we gave the logo a facelift and dialed up those colors and topped it off with a powerful, bold typeface, the perfect introduction for a revived brand look. It was important for the Dynacoat Marketing team to show how the brand empowers its customers. Our focus was then to bring this empowerment through a functional design. Our label design strategy brought about a major change in how customers see Dynacoat’s products: introducing color coding to different product categories. This simple but important change truly showed how Dynacoat’s promise is put to place, being a trusted and committed partner.

Brand guidelines
print collaterals
Visual identity

To bring to life the brand’s values in a relatable human way, we created an image library with cast that can represent the different global markets for Dynacoat. By shedding light on the teamwork and choosing actors who can bring about a dynamic and energizing vibe, we were able to showcase the automotive industry what kind of brand Dynacoat truly is. Having a world-class product is great, but having solid human bonds between businesses goes a great way in this industry. The images we created were suitable for brand and technical communication.

Labelling design

“Refreshworks is like an extended family to AkzoNobel’s Automotive and Specialty Coatings Business – working hand in hand to make the brands stand out. The team is full of young, fresh, creative and capable minds, making it easy to get a lot done in the most effective way. I have been working with them for a few years now and have managed to deliver different types of projects – from a short video teaser clip to a full brand refresh. It has been an interesting journey and I enjoy working with the full team.”

Fatuma Munir
Global Marketing Communications Specialist,
Automotive & Specialty Coatings – AkzoNobel