Draka (part of the Prysmian group) is the largest supplier in cabling. The corporation is responsible for creating an underground internet wireframe so that you are able to read this case. Refreshworks created an animation to explain the new product that Draka launched.


To tell the story a simple as possible we had to begin from scratch. Creating a recognizable environment in the form of a street and modelling characters, assets and buildings. As you can see the video has a clear style that we chose. It fits the corporate identity of our client and it is uncommon to grab attention. Also, we took our time for every detail to be perfect. For instance, look at the sunrays coming through the tree or the transparent windows where we can see characters from others scenes.


Choosing a style or characters is not as easy as you would think. It takes hours of sketching, brainstorming and a creative director that jumps up and down. After deciding the style we created a storyboard to draw every scene and presented it to our client. After the approval we went to the production part. The video is a combination of 2D and 3D elements. This makes it more dynamic and creates the depth in certain scenes. We added a professional voice-over to and made a Dutch and International version for online distribution. The duration of the project was 4 weeks and we are happy with the result. But most important, so was our client!