Come and discover the ins and outs of Refreshworks.

That’s right, we’re taking you behind the scenes of some of our most rewarding and challenging projects and, we must say, it is a mix of sugar, spice, and everything nice. We’re in the business of helping others grow. Isn’t this the overarching purpose of our existence here on Earth? We do believe so.

But let’s not get super existential here. Refreshworks is a team of inspired, hard-working people who love to work together and deliver great results. We love challenging ourselves and challenging our partners. You’re probably familiar with the phrase “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.”. Well, we’d like to challenge that status quo and find ways to improve the way you do things, get you more traffic, help your brand stand out from the crowd. As a new-age growth marketing and production agency, we have merged disciplines of different skill sets under one roof, and we’ve helped so many companies grow in the past. Yes 2020 has been difficult, yes it’s been a rollercoaster, so why not take a look back together and take some time to reflect on the great things we’ve done together with you, shall we?

Without further ado, we present these 5 Behind The Project interviews with some of our best people:

Dave – The Growth Hacker
Rob – The Animator
Yara – The Project Manager
Glenn – The Visual Designer
Ebel – The Head of Growth

We asked our team to share all about the projects, the big wins & the little things, the challenges & the rewards, and here’s how it went:


Behind The Project – Swishfund:

Swishfund is a financial business dedicated to providing entrepreneurs the most attractive alternative for short- and medium-term business financing, and have devised a swift, flexible loan application process, giving consumers a true alternative to the traditional banking system.

Our mission was to optimize the user journey from awareness to sales, learn what works best with the different audience segments, and build a trustworthy brand that people can rely on. Watch what our growth hacker had to say in the following video to learn more about how we helped generate 30% more leads and 15% more conversions in 4 months!
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Behind The Project – Cosmetica Brand:

We were approached by a cosmetic brand with the objective to attract a younger audience that can grow old with the brand through sampling two face care products. Our aim was to experiment and learn which key USP resonates best with their desired audience.

Combining social listening and retail marketing data, we segmented their target audience into three personas and formulated multiple hypotheses to validate the strategy. Our strategy entailed testing three USPs: organic products, inner beauty, authority. Have a listen to our project manager’s experience.
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Behind The Project – Second Company:

Second Company came to us with a brief to create a corporate video that can really shake things and symbolize their role in the digital transformation of organizations. The core idea of the video was to symbolize traditional companies as the IT dinosaurs of their time. For all the obvious reasons, we could not actually film a dinosaur and thus had to create one in 3D. Intrigued yet? Check out what our animator has to say about this one.
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Behind The Project – Draka:

Draka, as part of the Prysmian Group, is one of the biggest producers of cables globally. With the creation of their new corporate identity uplift, we were tasked with creating additional assets to support their uplift. Our visual designer shares his own experience of working on this project and the journey of complimenting a brand seamlessly.

Behind The Project – Consolidated:

Consolidated is a Dutch all-round roof specialized company with over 50 years of experience. As a leader in the market, Consolidated has been constantly adapting to new technology and embracing the power of data in its operations. With an eye for optimization, together with them, we saw the potential for optimizing their recruitment budgets. Refreshworks proposed shifting from using recruitment agencies to going direct-to-customer – and that’s where we came in. By producing a data-driven campaign, we managed to bring down recruitment budgets immensely! Have a listen to the full story by our Head of Growth.